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Authentic Communications  Creative Writing & Story Creation Art

Hello there and welcome to our page!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Stories by Children (SBC) is a heart-based boutique: 

  • learning and growing space for Children Authors ages 6-12

  • self-care sanctuary for children and their parents (developing)

Founded by Yuanhui Chen,
(curriculum innovator, children's voice facilitator, educator, MOE registered instructor and certified therapeutic art life coach),

SBC runs heart-based programmes that serve you and your child's educational and well-being needs. 

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Education Programmes

authentic expression  language mastery • writing skills

Develop your child's authentic self-expression, creativity and writing skills with Yuanhui through our Reggio Emilia inspired constructivist pedagogy. 

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Self-Care Sanctuary 

• parent-child healing happens here

Here at Stories By Children, we value the Mind-Body-Soul connection in our children authors and you, their parents. 

As part of her service to the community, Yuanhui shares the work of friends in the well-being and self-care community through her Facebook posts and interviews.

To see who she has as guest of late, click here.

Children's Book Gallery

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Chen Yuanhui
Founder, Educator, Children's Voice Facilitator,
Art & Illustration Hobbyist, Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach & Healer

创办人,教育者, 美术和插画爱好者, 疗愈者

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Happy, joyful, peaceful children who are authentically and fully self-expressed



To nurture children authors who, grounded in values and culture, effectively and expressively articulate their authentic visions through language and art. ​​



Compassion, Wisdom, Courage, Curiosity, Commitment and Calm


Our Values statement is an extension of Mr. Yen-Lu Chow's Deep Human Values

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Stories By Children (SBC) is the education wing of

Yuanhui's Education, Art and Healing (YEAH). 


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