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Creative Writing & Authentic Expressions


👉🏽 to ignite your child's creativity and the love for languages (English or Chinese) 

👉🏽 为培养您孩子的创意思维,鼓励孩子热爱语文(英语或华语)而设 

🟡 Context:

Conventionally, our mainstream schools, culture and its structures (i.e., examinations, weighted assessments etc.) offer a foundation for our children to learn languages. However, taught in silos (per subject discipline), a "third space" that invites children to apply their learning in a way that:

💡matters to them

💡offers sufficient space for creative and authentic self-expression 

💡invites them to integrate all subject disciplines 

is not always available. It is with this concern, that I've started these classes. 


🟡 Approach:

- weekly classes (online or in-person)

- creative stimulus, deep listening, child-centred

- curriculum evolves with child’s interest 

- specially designed for children ages 5-12 


🟡 Time slots 

Saturdays (please whatsapp to enquire) 


🟡 Cost:

- individual, S$60/ 1 hour

- group, S$45/ 1 hour 15 min (a min. no. of 3 students to start) 


☎️ To enquire, 

whatsapp Yuanhui at (+65) 8374 6808


To read about previous classes, click here.


Thank you.


with gratitude, 

Yuanhui Chen

Founder, Educator, Children's Voice Facilitator 
Stories By Children 

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