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Dr. Chiang Wai Fong (Ph. D.)




Ph.D., Certified Zentangle Teacher, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, Bach Foundation Teachers Programme Tutor, Yoga of Joy Teacher, Pastel Shine Art Master Instructor

Dr. Chiang Wai Fong is the Founder of Centre of Joy. A linguistic anthropologist by training, Wai Fong respects and treasures each individual’s unique life experiences, and privileges while sharing her varied expertise in positive identity building, emotional management, and stress reduction techniques with individuals who cross her path. A mother of a teenage girl, her mellow yet firm personality with keen listening ears are the reasons her clients find comfort in confiding in her.

Having recovered from panic attacks and an autoimmune disease using different natural healing modalities, Wai Fong now applies her experiences and expertise, including Zentangle® art, Bach flower remedies, Yoga practice, and energy balancing to facilitate clients’ self-discovery and inner-communication, an essential step to true healing. And so, if you know someone who is under stress, has issues sleeping, eating, smiling, or even loving, there is a way out, contact us if you are ready to deal with it. :)

Wai Fong offers regular courses to the public, as well as holds privately arranged courses/talks for corporate, organisations/associations, and social gatherings. Contact her to discuss details.

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