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Clanny the Prince and Chang E' the Princess

in impromptu fun story by Sophie Qian, on the night of Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

One day, Clanny the prince was in the northern moon palace. Chang E' princess was on the other side of the moon, and was chilling in the southern moon palace.

Clanny and Chang E' were best friends, given the fact that they were very far away from each other, they were still best friends. The had first met online while saying "beep!" (saying "beep" helps the phone to scroll down) in Minshanks (Minshanks is the Facebook on moon).

Both of them were online in Minshanks that day in the morning. They were chatting about a Japanese song (from planet earth apparently) named "Hana Wa Saku". They chatted with each other about how lovely the song was until lunch time.

After gobbling up lunch, Clanny suddenly noticed that the next day was actually Mid-Autumn Festival, and until now, neither of their family members had remembered to invite each other round the corner for dinner.

So Clanny told both his parents and Chang E' about his startling discovery. They both thanked him, and soon, both families arranged for Chang E's family to host the dinner.

Chang E' wanted to give Clanny and his family a surprise feast, so Chang E' asked her personal helper, Ah Phut, to help her go to Shinket (the most famous wet market on the moon) and buy her some ingredients, such as: spaghetti noodles, flour, eggs, tomato sauce, potato, lemons, sugar, pork ribs, cherry tomatoes, sesame oil, and lettuce.

Ah Phut did as she was told, and dashed out to Shinket at the speed of lightning. She came back only after awhile and immediately started cooking the next day early in the morning.

Later that morning, their Majesties woke up with glee and excitement. After showering, Chang E' was very jumpy, as she was over excited. Her parents just smiled. Gradually, Chang E' became calmer.

"Ding Dong!" the doorbell went.

"Clanny is here!" yelled Chang E', delighted.

She ran towards the door at top speed, and opened the door.

"Chang E'!" yelled Clanny. "Clanny!" yelled Chang E'.

The two friends hugged each other tightly and enjoyed the dinner with the families.

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