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Madam Horaku - the Japanese wildlife warrior

-- a collaboration between Sophie (10 yo) & Yuanhui (40 yo)

Madam Horaku is an animal lover who lives in a little cottage with her husband, her two children and her grandchildren, in Osaka, Japan.

To help protect the wildlife i.e., butterflies, rabbits and poisonous frogs, she builds large enclosures for them to live in, funded by the Animal Protection Council* in Japan.

She is assisted by her husband, Mister Kasa, in the daily chores around the enclosures, which include cleaning, tending to the crops, preparing of food and feeding.

The rabbit enclosure is as large as two hdb rooms, and in each enclosure lives 3 rabbits. Berries, cabbages and carrots are also grown in the enclosure.

In the butterfly enclosure, that is as large as one hdb room, lives 10 butterflies. Many flowers are grown there for the butterflies to sip the nectar.

The poisonous frogs live in a tank beside the butterfly enclosure.

We don’t know why or how come, but Mdm Horaku has many of these enclosures and can keep them well and bursting with life. Animal Protection Council* = our fictitious creation

illustrated by Yuanhui with suggestions and inputs by Sophie

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