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Pom Pom the Sweet Potato

written and illustrated by child author Sophie Qian (9 years old) ~ inspired by Yellow Man Lee Wen, the Artist Who Dared Once, there was this purple sweet potato that looked like a normal potato, in size and in shape. His name was Pom Pom. Everyday, the other purple sweet potatoes would laugh at him, as he did not look like a purple sweet potato at all.

One day, he decided that maybe it would be better if he had left the place where sweet potatoes were categorised in. He would find some yellow paint, paint it all over his body so he can join the yellow potatoes. He thought this would make things better for him.

When he reached the place where the yellow potatoes were categorised, he sqeezed in between the other potatoes. Suddenly out of the blue, Pom Pom heard a voice say: “ Hi! Are you a new potato here? By the way, my name is Pom Pom. What is your name? ” Pom Pom (the purple sweet potato ) turned to his left and saw that actually, the potato’s name was Pom Pom too! With comfort in his heart, he said “ Hi! My name is Pom Pom too! Nice to meet you!”

Pleasantly surprised, the other Pom Pom said : “ Really?!? Actually, in this big group of yellow potatoes, there are none of them that I recognize. I really want to be your friend Pom Pom. Would you be friends with me? I really want a friend to talk to!” “Sure, I would be friends with you!" said Pom Pom (the purple sweet potato). "Come, since we are friends now, let me let you in on a secret. Actually I am a purple sweet potato! Like you, my shape was different from the other purple sweet potatoes. So all of the purple sweet potatoes, laughed at me.” So like that, the two friends talked everyday, day and night.

~ The End ~

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