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Rescuing Tiny

written and designed by child author Sophie Qian Mingxuan (9 years old)

picture designed by Sophie Qian Mingxuan

Chapter 1


One day, a boy named Tiny and his father (who's name was Teeny) was out on an adventure. They called themselves "The Tiny Detectives" because they were not ordinary humans. They were even tinier than a rock! Well, probably I went a bit too far, but you get the picture, Tiny and Teeny were actually just 1 to 2 cm taller than a normal sized rock.

It was the first day of the December holidays, Tiny was so excited that the night before, he set his alarm clock to wake him up at 5.30 am, and even asked Teeny to set his (Teeny's) alarm clock to wake him up at 5.30 am too. Teeny agreed as he knew that Tiny was always an early bird, and always woke up at dawn time. So, let's move on. Tiny then said," What are you waiting for, Dad? Let's go!" "Are you so sure about that, Tiny? I thought you wrote a checklist last night. Have you checked every thing yet? We will die if we don't have any food," cautioned Teeny to Tiny. "Yup, I've double checked, triple checked, wait a minute what do I call the fourth time I checked?" Teeny said, "Alright. If you are so sure about that."

Chapter 2

Choosing a country to go to

Teeny and Tiny examined the map. Tiny asked Teeny curiously:" Teeny, where should we fly to? South Africa? The North Pole? Germany? Russ..." Before Tiny could finish his annoying questions, Teeny was getting a little impatient then and he cut Tiny's questions. "Shush Tiny! Can't you wait for a minute or two? I can't think if you keep on talking!" warned Teeny. "Sorry, dad," answered Tiny in a rather regretful way. Suddenly, out of the blue, Teeny asked Tiny," Hey Tiny, shall we go to the North Pole where there are Abominable Snowmans?" "Oh yes! Oh yes! I always wanted to see them dad. Shall we call a private jet to come here and pick us up and then bring us to the North Pole?" asked Tiny exuberantly.

Chapter 3

Calling a jet service

"Yup, I will call a private jet right now," Teeny answered. He punched in his private pilot's number and told him were he wanted to go. In about 5 to 10 minutes, Teeny's private pilot arrived right in front of Teeny's garage. Teeny and Tiny got on the jet and flew far, far, away from their home.

Chapter 4

Saying goodbye to Teeny's private pilot and

getting warmed up in nice warm sweaters

The next day, Teeny and Tiny woke up. They found themselves in the North Pole. Before Teeny's private pilot left, Teeny and Tiny said goodbye to him. When Teeny's private pilot left, Teeny stammered ( as it was very cold in the North Pole)," T...!! Ah......ah.... Choo!" "" After Tiny finished speaking he took a sweater out of Teeny's bag and covered Teeny.

After that, Teeny spoke more fluently:" Why don't you get a sweater out of your bag too, Tiny?" By now, Tiny was so cold that he could not speak. All he could manage was a slight nod. After Tiny put on his little mini sweater, he said,"Ahhhh...... how warm and snuggly it is inside this sweater," Tiny said comfortably.

Chapter 5

Tiny goes missing.

Teeny said," Hey, Tiny. Look! That is what an Abominable Snow Man looks like!" When Teeny finished speaking, he did not receive any answer.

Teeny found it very strange, so he turned around and to his surprise,.............TINY WAS NOT THERE! Teeny was totally out of his skin when he realised that Tiny had gone missing.


Then, Teeny finally heared something. "DAD! I AM HERE!" screamed Tiny. “Oh! Okay! I am coming!”screamed back Teeny, somewhat relieved. Teeny finally found Tiny in a deep deep deep hole. He said, “Sheeesh, although I have found you for now, you are soooooo far away from land that I cannot even reach your hand!” Just then, Teeny saw another Abominable Snow Man. At that very moment, a great idea popped up in Teeny's mind. “Oh! I can tell them in sign language to help me get Tiny out!” Teeny did exactly what he planned to do. It worked! With the help of the Abominable Snow Men, Tiny got out of the deep deep hole as soon as could be!

Chapter 6


After Tiny got up, he felt really homesick and requested for Teeny to summon for his private jet. Soon, the private jet arrived and sent them home. Once Teeny and Tiny were at their home's doorstep, Tiny felt so much better. "Finally, home sweet home!" exclaimed Tiny as Teeny smiled.


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