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Sophie Qian


Child Author-In-Residence


I am Sophie and I am Yuanhui's daughter. As you might already know by now, I am the child advisor and consultant for Stories By Children. 

I hope to see other children work hard and do their best in their work because I want them to be proud of themselves and avoid saying bad things (i.e., negative self-talk) to themselves when they grow older.  

I believe as a child, young and still fresh and strong in their strengths, they can learn from the teacher (i.e., Yuanhui) and other children as well. 

I feel most children write stories because they want to feel good about themselves, and take pride in something they can accomplish themselves. 


At SBC, I contribute by advising on the physical learning space, learning alongside other children, joining them in class, and helping younger children spell words and make art. 

I have also discovered that I am good and quick at creating new stories while at SBC. 

Of late, I've written two books:

  • "Do you have a toothpaste that is not too hot?!?"

  • "Mr. C the rabbit's feelings"


Thank you and see you around!

background book cover illustrated by Sophie Qian.

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