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Anonymous says:

"Chinese is a living language that has a rich culture. So it was vitally important for me to partner a teacher who understands that learning Chinese is more than just drills and tests.

Yuanhui has offered my children a different way of learning. Her child-centred approach coupled with creative story-telling allows my children to develop an interest in expressing themselves more naturally in Chinese.

I know that this approach is moulding them into becoming more confident Chinese speakers and writers for life."

Dave Teo says:

"Yuanhui is a keen observer and a wise teacher. A rare GEM.

She has all the necessary professional training of a MOE teacher but what sets her apart from other teachers is her desire for the children she encounters to reach their truest and highest potential.


She takes great loving care to observe the wholeness of my daughter emotionally, mentally and physically and enables my daughter to reach her natural full self-expression through the English language and Art. Her teaching methodology is unique and derived from love.


I as a parent, who only wants the best for my child, strongly recommend Yuanhui to guide your child.  1000 likes.

Rena Teo says:

"I am always on the lookout for good programmes for my son. I chanced upon Yuanhui’s “I’ve Got A Story to Tell” holiday workshop last year.

My son enjoyed her lessons very much and was thrilled to receive a professionally done hardcopy of his first book.


To continue to fuel his interest in writing, my son attends Yuanhui’s weekly bilingual creative writing and story creation class. Her lessons are infused with art, cultural appreciation and moral values. Most importantly, she allows free expression of the child’s creativity and imagination.


Yuanhui treats her students with so much love, guides them patiently and strives to bring out the best in every child. She seeks to understand each child’s learning style, and with a huge repertoire of teaching tools, adjusts her lessons accordingly for maximum learning and enjoyment. I strongly recommend Yuanhui for your child if you are looking for a professional, loving and passionate teacher."

Siwei says:

"Teacher Yuanhui showed my child the tools to learn and write with lots of passion, humour, and helping him learn and grow in a loving and positive way.


Her classes are full of delightful illustrations and startling freshness that pique my child’s interest and motivates him to tap on his innate creative potentials, thereby fuelling him to create his stories and to learn the language.


Stories by Children is a refreshing change from the usual tuition classes you send your child to. It is of no surprise my child enjoys the sessions and expresses disappointment if we have had to miss a lesson sometimes.


I heartily recommend Stories by Children to parents who would like their children to enjoy learning languages, creative writing, and visual arts. This is definitely the best place to start for aspiring children authors too! 😊"

Tan Ngah See says:

Teacher Yuan Hui is such an amazing teacher who is so patient to share her valuable knowledge in creating books for all her students.

She is very professional & excellent in handling children’s queries & challenges in a very positive manner!

Besides coaching children creating their own books, it had indirectly boost my child confidence in the writings tremendously!

My son was so proud of his book creation! Thanks so much to teacher Yuan Hui for your great effort & wonderful guidance!

Bingz Huang says:

Yuanhui did this magical and therapeutic session for me and my two older boys (aged 7 and 9) recently. I love that she's very friendly and approachable and builds excellent rapport with my boys and me.

Every session can be structured differently based on the needs of each parent-child pair/group. For us, my boys were relaxing in her living room while I had a private session with her first. After sharing my parenting concerns and intentions with her, she gave me a prompt to draw/doodle. I love that she gave both the art therapy perspective of my drawing, then used her intuition to tune into each aspect of my drawing for more specific messages and questions for me to reflect on in my relationship with my boys.

I resonate strongly with everything that she shared, and I appreciate the compassion she radiated while sharing these messages and suggestions. It helps me appreciate my kids, myself, and my husband more while acknowledging the energetic difficulties I've been facing, with suggestions validating and encouraging me to do more of what is helping me navigate my family's energetic dynamics with more ease. My boys had lots of fun during their segment too.

If you're a parent looking to understand, appreciate, and enhance your relationship with your child/ren, do consider contacting Yuanhui for this private session.

Mdm Pan says:

"Highly recommend the children's storybook creation workshop by teacher Yuanhui! 

My kids thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and were thrilled to have the opportunity to brainstorm, plan, write, illustrate and put together their very first books!


This has been a very unique experience for the kids. Teacher Yuanhui has been very kind and nurturing.


We look forward to the next opportunity to join her again."

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